Athletes in Beijing Flooded the Organizers of the Olympics with Complaints

Athletes at the Beijing Olympics have flooded organizers with complaints about extreme training and start conditions, quarantine rules and food.

Temperatures drop to -20 degrees, and the bare hills do not stop the wind and often the feeling is minus 30 degrees Celsius.

The Swedish delegation called for cross-country skiing to be held earlier in the day to protect athletes from low temperatures - after Swedish athlete Frida Carlson was spotted trembling and was on the verge of collapse at the end of her women's skiathlon at 7.5 km + 7.5 km on Saturday.

According to the rules of the International Ski Federation, competitions cannot be held when temperatures are below -20C.

Minus 13 degrees Celsius was measured during Carlson's race on Saturday, but Swedish team manager Anders Bistrom told reporters that temperatures were closer to -31 degrees Celsius, taking into account the cold wind.

"We know the borderline of the cold, but I don't know if they also measure the effect of the wind," Mr. Bistrom told Reuters on Sunday.

The president of the Bulgarian Biathlon Federation Ekaterina Dafovska also announced the extreme temperatures. At the opening of the Games in front of BNT, she commented that the International Biathlon Federation is negotiating with the organizers to postpone the starts, which were planned at sunset. Dafovska added that the recently planted forest does not stop strong gusts of wind and it will take about 30 years to protect.

Several cases of COVID-19 were registered during the Games - among athletes and team teams. Thus, the quarantine rules became another reason for dissatisfaction.

China has made great efforts to prevent the spread of the virus - it does not allow foreign viewers and...

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