What has been confiscated from Veljko Belivuk's clan so far? VIDEO

Prva TV investigated what has been seized from Veljko Belivuk's clan so far and what is happening with the property of the mobsters after the seizure?
Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljkovi, as well as other members of their clan, were on the list of criminals whose property could soon go to waste. The list already includes members of the Zemun clan, Legija, dozens of minor drug dealers and members of the economic mafia.
Along with the institution of a protected witness, confiscation of property is a major factor in preventing the emergence of new criminal groups but also strengthening existing ones.
In that way, a message is sent to younger generations that crime does not pay off.
The money that organized criminal groups put into legal flows, popularly called "laundering", can easily end up in the hands of terrorist organizations.
In that respect, Serbia has made a lot of progress and is following the most developed countries in the world, especially Italy, for which the institution of a protected witness and confiscation of property from criminals is one of the foundations of combating mafia.
The prosecution is initiating a financial investigation which determines which property is being held against Belivuk and Miljkovi, but also against members of their families.
Jewelry, apartments, a star house, cottages, armored BMWs, all those properties will be confiscated if the investigation finds that they were acquired with money from illegal activities.
The seized funds are paid into the budget of Serbia and later invested in the renovation of schools and hospitals.
The seized vehicles are not sold, but given to state institutions for use.
So far, the most valuable confiscated property was the property of Darko...

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