Hundreds of vehicles on the highway - "Convoy of Freedom" headed to the capital VIDEO

The reason for this was a protest against COVID measures modeled on demonstrations in Canada.
Other protesters stood on overpasses and intersections as the so-called "Freedom Convoy" passed.
Israeli and Canadian flags and banners fluttered from the vehicle.
"Freedom doesn't look like this," it was written on the banner with a photo of the girl with the mask. Protesters trumpeted and drummed and called for the lifting of COVID restrictions.
"We have all gathered here for freedom. All these people have been crazy for two years about all the measures and all the restrictions that do not allow us to live free as we were born," said Jonathan Deporto (39).
Israel recently stopped asking for confirmation of vaccination for entering restaurants, theaters, gyms and hotels because the number of cases of omicron infection began to decrease. Masks are still mandatory in public enclosed spaces, including schools, shops and health facilities.
Israeli protesters were inspired by "Freedom Convoys" organized in Canada and France.

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