Protest convoy of 500 vehicles reaches Brussels PHOTO / VIDEO

They came to Brussels to protest against restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
The vehicles were not allowed to enter the city, Reuters reported.
Police headed them to parking on the outskirts of Brussels, from where the protesters continued on foot to the square in the city center and the district in which the institutions of the European Union are located.
Reuters reporters saw about 150 to 200 protesters in the city center and a similar number in the neighborhood where EU institutions are located.
The mayor of Brussels told Belgian television LN24 that the protest, inspired by protesters from the "Freedom Convoy" who took the Canadian capital Ottawa by truck, did not have the permission of the Brussels authorities, nor the leaders, so it did not make any demands.

#bru1402 #Brussels The police are moving forward. Now in the area of the Jubelpark. There are larger and smaller groups of protesters moving through the city everywhere, accompanied by honking cars. Here a small group is detained with a huge police presence.

— Markus Haintz (@MarkusHaintzUSA) February 14, 2022


👇🇫🇷🇧🇪"French Covid freedom convoy heads for Brussels despite police warning" #MoreFreeDumb#Brussels #Belgium #LaFrance #GiletJaune #ConvoiLiberte

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