Turkish Opposition Meeting Raises Hopes of Unity Against Erdogan

Leaders of six opposition parties that met on Saturday in Ankara. Photo: Republican People's Party, CHP

Idris Sahin, deputy chair of the DEVA Party, told BIRN the meeting on Saturday was "extremely important for building future of our country and agreeing on how to have a parliamentary democracy".

Leaders of the Good Party, Felicity Party, Future Party, DEVA Party and the Democratic Party met on the invitation of Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of the main opposition Republican People's Party, CHP.

Following the summit, the six parties issued a declaration on the main principles of a new system that would be built following President Erdogan's defeat and departure. The parties are also pledged to announce their strengthened parliamentary democracy model on February 28.

According to Sahin, the six parties will issue a roadmap back to a true parliamentary system and away from the current model that concentrates almost all power in the head of state.

"Saturday's meeting was a result of our different joint work and the parties agreed on a single document. After February 28, we will agree on how we will work before and after the general elections," Sahin said.

President Erdogan turned Turkey's former parliamentary system into an executive presidential system following a controversial referendum in 2017. There are now almost no checks and balances and the President enjoys supreme power.

However, Sahin said that it was still too early to discuss a formal election alliance.

"In this stage, we have a consensus on the [political] system … If we will have a full consensus on the transition process, we may decide to enter elections together, but before knowing the date of elections, we do not think discussing an election alliance...

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