Rogaška Slatina to host world’s largest sports film event

Rogaška Slatina – Rogaška Slatina will in June host an international festival of sports film of the FICTS – Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs, recognized by the International Olympic Committee. It is the largest sports film event that attracts many global sports and film stars.

Slovenia was officially endorsed as the 21st FICTS film festival venue at the end of last year and Rogaška Slatina was picked as the town to host the event after months of deliberation, the municipality says on its website.

The festival has 125 members around the world and takes place in 20 countries from five continents.

According to Rogaška Slatina Mayor Branko Kidrič, the town boasts good sports infrastructure, its athletes have excellent results in national and international competitions, and the town has proven to be a very good organiser of events in the past.

As an award for all this the town has been picked to host the first International Festival of Sports Film in Slovenia, Kidrič said, adding that the project was to further promote local sports and the tourist destination.

Slovenia’s historic sports achievements in the last decade have inspired a number of feature films, documentaries and short films, and sports has been Slovenia’s main ambassador in the world.

As part of the festival, various sports events will be held, workshops, exhibitions and round table debates.

The Rogaška Slatina municipality will provide EUR 30,000 for the project, as part of which the town will be promoted in Slovenia as well as in the other 20 venues of the festival: Barcelona, Cortina, Rio de Janeiro, Nagano, Beijing, San Paolo, Sarajevo, Tehran, Zlatibor, Lisbon, Sochi, Nairobi, Rotterdam, Nice, Liberec, Prishtina and Tashkent.

A special presentation is expected as part of the final selection of the best sports films in the world at the end of November in Milan.

Partners to the project in Slovenia will be the Slovenian Olympics Committee and the Slovenian Tourist Board.

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