Boris Johnson Promised to Strike Russia Significantly

The United Kingdom will announce today the first series of economic sanctions that will hit Russia very hard. This was stated by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after a crisis meeting held at 10 Downing Street, world agencies reported.

More sanctions will follow in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, he warned.

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The first series of sanctions will be presented in parliament later today. These sanctions will be directed not only against specific legal entities but also against Russian interests.

"These sanctions will hit Russia very hard and we will prepare more sanctions in the event of an invasion" Johnson warned. "I want to emphasize that this is only the first series of British economic sanctions against Russia because I am afraid that we can expect more irrational behavior from Russia," he added.

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Johnson said Russian President Vladimir Putin "is determined to carry out a large-scale invasion of Ukraine." He added that in the event of such an invasion and an assault on Kyiv, which he said Putin seemed to be proposing, "no one should doubt the fact that this action, that the conquest of another European country, will fail and Putin will fail."

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