Incident at Nikola Tesla Airport; A potentially tragic outcome averted

The incident happened on Friday, February 18, during the take-off of the "Fly Dubai" plane, most likely full of passengers, it is stated further in the text and it is pointed out that there could have been a more serious incident or accident.
According to the website dealing with incidents and accidents in civil aviation "D Aviation Herald", the plane of the airline "Fly Dubai" Boeing 737-8 MAX A6-FML on the line Belgrade - Dubai took off from an inadequate starting position on the runway and as a result, it had an extremely low take-off profile in direction 30, that is, as one witness stated, 'it barely separated from the runway in time' before a potentially more tragic outcome", according to the Tango Six portal.
The plane on flight number FZ1746 went to the center of the runway at the position of roll D, which, apparently, was not approved for the position of the beginning of take-off by the airport air traffic control.
As it is further stated, the observer on the ground reported that the plane flew over the runway only a few meters away, detached from the ground 300 meters before its end, but also that, according to the witness, "it started rotating very slowly (for the position in which it started)".
Allegedly, immediately after takeoff, the radio exchange of the plane's crew with the Belgrade tower was recorded, in which the crew asked the tower whether they took off from the position of roll E or D? The tower replied that they had taken off from the position of the roll D.
After taking off, the plane continued with its normal climbing profile and landed according to the flight plan to Dubai without any other incidents.
There were about seven wind knots at the Belgrade airport at the time of takeoff, and the weather...

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