Slovenia sending EUR 100,000 aid to Ukraine

Ljubljana – Slovenia will make a humanitarian contribution of EUR 100,000 to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 2022 to help war-stricken Ukraine, the government decided on Saturday.

The ICRC’s work in Ukraine is focused on providing medical care, access to water and other basic services, the Slovenian Foreign Ministry announced.

The decision took into account the difficult humanitarian situation of Ukrainian citizens and is in line with Slovenia’s international development cooperation and humanitarian aid priorities, and foreign policy priorities, the ministry added.

Despite the current security situation in Ukraine, the ICRC continues to carry out its humanitarian activities, working closely with the Ukrainian Red Cross.

In recent days Slovenia already approved a shipment of EUR 163,000 worth of sleeping bags, rubber boots, diesel generators, gloves and face masks to Ukraine under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

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