Bulgaria is ready with Adequate Measures in case of Disruption of Gas Supplies due to the War

Bulgaria is ready to implement adequate measures if there is a disruption or disruption of gas supplies due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. This was stated by the Bulgarian Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov, who participated in the extraordinary meeting of the Council "Transport, Telecommunications and Energy" of the European Union in the format "Energy".

During the meeting, Minister Alexander Nikolov pointed out that our energy system is currently operating normally, but our country is ready to immediately activate and implement adequate measures in case of disruption or complete disruption of gas supplies. The Minister stressed the need for immediate and coordinated action in the European Union to ensure the sustainability of the energy system and the availability of energy for citizens and businesses, including by providing financial resources at European level in support of national budgets.

Cooperation with Greece has been highlighted to speed up energy connectivity in the region, as well as a reverse link with Serbia. Nikolov also supported the accelerated integration of the Ukrainian into the European electricity system.

The European Union's energy ministers also discussed opportunities to increase imports of liquefied natural gas.

Representatives of the European Commission presented their analysis of the situation with security of oil and gas supply, as well as energy prices.

The Ministers of the Member States were acquainted with the forecasts and various hypothetical disruption scenarios, additional possible measures to mitigate the socio-economic consequences of the energy price crisis and strengthen the sustainability and independence of the European energy system.


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