68.9% of Bulgarians want Bulgaria to maintain a Firm Position on North Macedonia in the EU

68.9% of the people in Bulgaria believe that the country should maintain its firm position on the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to the EU. Just over a fifth are of the opposite opinion - that our country should soften its position.

This shows a survey on the topic of the Gallup International Balkan Independent Research Program.*

There is no significant change in public attitudes on the subject, sociologists comment.

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In early 2022, for example, Gallup International Balkan re-examined in its regular program public attitudes towards the conditions for the Republic of North Macedonia's EU membership. 60.8% chose the option of allowing Macedonia but only if the agreement is implemented. A comparison with November 2020, when the issue was again actively discussed, clearly shows that the position on this issue among Bulgarians has hardened - the share of responses "only after the implementation of the contract" in 2020 was 51.1%, i.e. ten points lower than now. For the unconditional admission of Macedonia on the road to the EU at the beginning of this year were 7.6%, and in 2020 - a similar share of 8%. The most serious growth is in a year and a half of those who are extreme in their desire not to allow Skopje: 15.3% now, against 6.1% in 2020.

The consolidation of positions comes at the expense of halving those who cannot form an opinion. This means that in the course of the debate in recent months, society is apparently gradually forming a more active position and it is showing signs of consolidation in one direction. Thus, in practice, in two years there is an increase in the principled support in our society regarding the...

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