Editorial: The dilemma of ruling coalitions

At our news organisation's Oikonomikos Tachydromos forum (photo), Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis made clear - in this unstable wartime and absolutely transitional period for the entire world - his political intentions and the terms under which he intends the next general election to be held.

Firstly, he made a firm commitment that he will serve out his four-year term (ending in July, 2023).

Noting that he does not intend to change the current electoral law (direct proportional representation without a bonus of dozens of seats as in the past that ensured a stable, one-party government), Mitsotakis distanced himself from his past declarations that he will not settle for anything less than ND single-party rule, and he left open the prospect of a coalition government.

This political shift constitutes recognition of the domestic and global emergency situation [created by the Russo-Ukrainian war] and signals that the PM will place political stability above partisan interests and objectives.

He essentially freed himself of the games that have traditionally bedeviled Greek politics and recognised that current conditions mandate a heightened level of responsibility.

With the conviction that the Greek people will appreciate his stance, the PM also personally took on the weighty domestic political cost of the management of challenges resulting from the current international instability.
Effectively, Mitsotakis, due to extraordinary circumstances, turned a page and redefined the terms of the domestic political game.

Now, no one can remain barricaded behind the wooden walls of his party and pretend to pursue indisputable single-party rule.

When the leader of the top party [SYRIZA has long trailed behind ND in all...

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