RIK: The announcement of the results is being postponed

However, since the elections will be repeated at several polling stations, that deadline will be extended.
Namely, until tonight, April 6, at 8 p.m., all submitters of electoral lists, as well as voters, have the right to submit a request for annulment of voting at the polling station.
RIK recalls that, in accordance with the Law on Election of Deputies, local election commissions have 96 hours from the closing of polling stations to determine summary reports on the results of voting at polling stations on their territory, but that the same law stipulates that the deadline moves in case the voting is repeated at a polling station.
In that case, the deadline of 96 hours is calculated from the closing of the polling station where the voting is repeated, i.e. from the decision-making on legal remedies that may be submitted due to that repeated voting.
"Having in mind that a certain number of local election commissions passed and published on the web presentation of the RIK decisions by which voting was annulled at certain polling stations, because it was stated that the voting results cannot be determined, and it will be repeated, which in turn delays determining the results of voting in those local self-governments", reads the statement of the RIK.
Therefore, the deadline within which the Republic Election Commission is obliged to announce the overall election results is postponed. Having in mind that the voting will be repeated at a certain number of polling stations, which will be decided by RIK, at this moment it is not possible to determine the time in which the overall election results will be determined and published, both for MPs and the President, the statement added.
After publishing the overall report on the results of...

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