Ministry of the Interior made a statement on the arrest of Darko Šarić

A statement from the Ministry of the Interior reads that, in addition to ari, 5 other people were arrested, who are suspected of being members of an organized criminal group.
Members of this criminal group operated in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, Europe and South America. The other members are being intensively searched for. They were arrested in an international operation coordinated by Europol and Eurojust.
They are charged with committing criminal acts of association for committing criminal acts, aggravated murder, illicit production and distribution of narcotics, illicit production, possession, carrying and trafficking of weapons and explosives, causing general danger and abuse of office.
The suspects have been detained for up to 48 hours, and they will be brought to the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, along with a criminal report. Strong police forces blocked the street where Darko ari's villa is located. The news reports that Darko ari is being linked to the organization of the murder of members of the Skaljar clan, Alen Koar and Damir Hodi, in Corfu.
ari did all the work with five phones, two of which were satellite and sky applications, while he was still in custody. The entire communication was removed from the Sky platform, and according to unofficial information, it is about organizing certain murders on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro.


In addition to ari, Uros Misic, a Red Star fan, was arrested in Belgrade today, as "Novosti" reports. They add that his arrest is connected to the arrest of Darko ari. In addition to him, ari's lawyer, Dejan Lazarevic, who is the legal representative of Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljkovic, was also arrested. The media also state that...

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