Bulgaria: The Alley next to the Russian Embassy will not be Renamed “Heroes of Ukraine”, for now

Sofia Regional Governor Ivan Kyuchukov has declared illegal the decisions to rename an alley and a square to "Heroes of Ukraine Alley" and "Boris Nemtsov Square" near the Russian Embassy, ​​as well as raising the Ukrainian flag over the Sofia Municipality building. The proposals were submitted by GERB-SDS and "Democratic Bulgaria" and approved by the Sofia Municipal Council at its session on April 7th.

Even then, during the discussions, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) stated that they would appeal to the regional governor because the proposals were in contradiction with the detailed development plan of the "Izgrev" region. Against the renaming of the "Heroes of Ukraine" alley next to the fence of the Russian embassy, ​​the Socialists argued that it enters an area, part of which has a special status - "for special sites - the embassy."

The original idea of ​​the MPs from GERB-SDS and "Democratic Bulgaria" was to name an unnamed space on both sides of Dragan Tsankov Blvd. in the section in front of the Russian embassy as "Heroes of Ukraine". When researching the ownership of the chosen place, it turned out that in addition to municipal, there is also a private one. Therefore, the proposal was reduced to an alley, 96 m long and 11 m wide, between the tram route and the embassy fence.

A flag of a foreign country can be flown over a municipal building only temporarily, when visiting an official delegation, warned BSP about the raising of the flag of Ukraine on the municipal building at 33 Moskovska Street. The decision of the Sofia Council is for the flag to continue to be flown until the end of the war.

The naming of the garden in the northern part of Dragan Tsankov Blvd. between Latinka Street and Joliot Curie Street,...

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