Vučić from Slovenia: "They are always there to help"; Dinner with Pahor PHOTO / VIDEO

President Vucic addressed the public from Slovenia, thanking first his hosts for their hospitality, and then emphasizing that Pahor was right when he stated that responsibility is on everyone in the Western Balkans when it comes to peace and stability.

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"We will have to behave in this way and invest enormous energy, preventing the politics of the past to lead us to any incidents and problems," Vucic said.
He added that Slovenia and Serbia have excellent bilateral cooperation in political and economic issues.
"Slovenia has never looked for a reason to stop Serbia on its European path, it has always been there to help. Today, this meeting is very important because we can talk openly with Pahor about all issues," the president said.

He also emphasized that there is a need for dialogue in the world today, and there is less and less of it.
"That is why I am happy to be here today and I am grateful to Pahor for his exceptional hospitality and I believe that I will be able to learn a lot and convey certain messages, but also coordinate our actions towards continued European integration for the entire Western Balkans region," he concluded.
In the end, he thanked all Slovenes and citizens of Slovenia for their support and pointed out that our friendship is strong, and that they are always welcome in Serbia.

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Slovenian President Pahor also addressed the media.

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Pahor said that he was very pleased that the Serbian president and friend of Slovenia, Aleksandar Vui, decided to travel to Slovenia first after winning the elections.
He said that Serbia and Slovenia are two friendly...

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