Kuleba on Military Aid to Ukraine: Those who do not Help Us today support Russian Aggression

Asked by the Bulgarian National Television (BNT), Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said he had handed over a list of requested military support to all NATO and EU member states and understood the domestic political situation in Bulgaria.

He said that countries that do not provide military support to Ukraine actually support the aggressor state Russia. He pointed out that he had also raised the issue with the Bulgarian authorities.

When asked by BNT, our Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska confirmed that the topic was raised during their conversation with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. There was no conversation with the Foreign Ministry.

Asked by BNT whether he would reconsider his position on refusing military support for Ukraine, Kristian Vigeninfrom the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) did not answer directly.

Here is what Dmytro Kuleba said to BNT:

Dmytro Kuleba: The Government and the Parliament of Bulgaria are well aware of the demands of Ukraine. But we respect the political situation in Bulgaria and leave it to the parliament and the government to decide how and when to help Ukraine.

BNT: What military assistance do you need?

Dmytro Kuleba: When you wage war, you need everything - from ammunition to fighter jets. We gave the same list to all NATO member countries and Bulgaria received the same list. But we respect the domestic political situation, but I would like to say to anyone who is hesitant about helping Ukraine: those who are not helping us today are helping Russia.

BNT: Did you discuss these issues with Minister Genchovska?

Dmytro Kuleba: Let me put it this way - sometimes I have to...

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