Tourism: Great interest for Mykonos and Santorini

Mykonos and Santorini in Greece are getting ready to welcome their tourists. A few days after the celebration of Easter, the two islands will be ready to welcome again their visitors.

Mykonos is ready this year to recover lost time and lost revenue, as Andreas Fiorentinos, former president of the island's Hoteliers Association and Head of Tourism for the New Democracy party, points out that all those involved in tourism on the island are waiting for a fertile tourist season. It is known that Mykonos along with Santorini are characterized as the most recognizable Greek destinations for international celebrities and generally for tourists from the USA and other parts of the world that can afford this type of vacation, adds Mr.Fiorentinos.

Focusing on the Easter period, it is emphasized that mainly Mykonos will be flooded by holidaymakers, namely those who have a house in Mykonos, while the hoteliers of the island, are ready to welcome significant flows of tourists, from the first week of May, when the hotel businesses of the island open, notes Mr. Fiorentinos. The hoteliers of the island are convinced that Mykonos will have a good season, the revenues of which will allow them to reach a satisfactory percentage of the 2019 record.

Currently, the expectations of the island's entrepreneurs are based on the fact that the air links with the USA has been restored, with 9 flights per week. If another 4 flights weekly are added from Canada, then the expectations of the island for a record year in terms of revenue and arrivals are realistic. It is worth noting that in a survey conducted by Lonely Planet for this year's tourist season, the interest of American tourists for Greece is almost 5 times greater than last year and especially for Mykonos the...

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