Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria: Arms Supplies to Ukraine will complicate the Dialogue between our Countries

"We continue to monitor the issue of possible supplies of weapons and ammunition from Bulgaria to the pseudo-heroes of Ukraine. We are convinced that such a gesture by officials in Sofia will only further escalate the situation in the region and complicate further dialogue between our countries". This was stated by the Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova in her weekly briefing on social networks.

"We are pleased that the Russian Armed Forces and the People's Militia of the Donetsk People's Republic successfully conducted an operation to rescue Bulgarian sailors from the port of Mariupol and their safe return home. Currently, Ukrainian ports in the Black and Azov Seas remain blocked. 80 foreign ships and about 500 members of their crews. Including citizens of Bulgaria ".

According to her, the high danger of mines created by Ukrainian nationalists, as well as the threat of shelling of ships from the shore, hinder the solution of the problem. "The International Maritime Organization is discussing the formation of corridors for the safe exit of ships. Russia is actively involved in this work, in practice cooperating with the Secretariat of the Secretary-General of the Organization and the countries concerned."

"Ukrainians avoid substantive discussions on the functioning of corridors. In particular, they refused a tripartite meeting with the participation of the Secretary-General of the said Organization. At the same time, Kyiv banned foreign ships from leaving their ports (I recall that their waters were deliberately blocked by sunken objects)."

"The real reason is that nationalists have uncontrollably mined ports. Instead of using the corridors, the Ukrainian side...

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