Bulgaria’s Ruling Party will vote “For” Sending Weapons to Ukraine and Considers the President’s Position “Disgraceful”

"'We continue the change' is a political party that will fully defend the Bulgarian interest. This means an independent, free and prosperous Bulgaria," said Prime Minister Kiril Petkov at a press conference of the party, attended by Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vassilev and members of the WCC Executive Board.

According to Petkov, there are many political and economic circles in our country that defend Russian interests. "WCC will be a party that will defend only Bulgarian interests, which means full independence, being part of the European family," Petkov added. He described Russia's actions to cut the gas to Bulgaria as "blackmail".

Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vassilev said that the Bulgarian interest is to be able to deliver from anywhere, not to have a single supplier to blackmail us. The government is ready with Plan B and they are starting to buy from the second cheapest place.

According to Vassilev, the gas was stopped first in Poland, Bulgaria and Lithuania, because that is the payment calendar. No EU country has paid so far.

"Behind Russia's interests are the 3 billion spent on the Turkish Stream and the proposal for a gas plant and our refusal of Azerbaijani gas, instead of having a ready diversification now," Petkov said. He reiterated that the Greek connection would be ready in June.

"We take a clear position in the conflict in the war in Ukraine," he said, "and we are not trying to balance where we see clear aggression. All our actions will benefit and prosper our country," he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister and co-chair of the WCC Asen Vassilev said that the suspension of gas supply is a unilateral act, which violated the agreement between Gazprom and...

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