Bulgarian President: The Government owes a Definite Answer to the Citizens whose Interests it Serves

"There must be a careful approach to this conflict, which directly affects everything. There are a number of revelations about where the Bulgarian weapons are going. I wonder how the Minister of Energy will explain to the Bulgarians that Bulgarian weapons are fueling this conflict." This was stated by President Rumen Radev before he left for Spain today.

"As for gas, we have to answer a few questions, why only Bulgaria and Poland are cut off gas supplies," Radev asked.

"How do Germany and Austria pay, is there enough reserved capacity for deliveries from Greece and other countries, because if it is not reserved for us, we will see how intermediaries grab it. We will probably have to find alternative solutions, but this will also require time and money and means much higher prices and delivery risks," the president added. "I have repeatedly stated that these 3 billion paid from our budget do not serve the Bulgarian interest, they serve other countries that transit gas for free. What is happening with the gas supply will be a test of European solidarity. Will and how will the EU help the most energy-dependent and energy-poor country", Radev asked rhetorically.

"The government owes a definite response to the citizens. It is high time for the government to give clear evidence that it is aware of and upholds Bulgarian sovereignty," Radev was adamant.

"Definitely 'No' to the provision of military assistance to Ukraine, this means a step towards the direct involvement of Bulgaria in this conflict. Calls for peace fade in their place, and sharp rhetoric and calls for victory escalate. If victory means self-destruction and economic liquidation of...

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