In Bulgaria a Regional Coordination Center for Gas and Electricity Supply in Southeast Europe will be established

"Bulgaria is able to replace all gas supplies from Russia", Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vassilev told reporters in Brussels.

He visited the European Commission together with the Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov. The visit was due to Gazprom's decision to suspend gas for Bulgaria.

Instead, we will receive gas through the southern gas corridor, as well as liquefied natural gas through Greece and Turkey.

This plan was launched in March and is currently being implemented.

"There will be no problems with supplies even in the winter," Vassilev assured.

"Bulgaria is exploring all possible options for retaliation against Gazprom's move," he added. If there is a reason, our country will sue the Russian company.

A center in Bulgaria will coordinate the infrastructure in Southeast Europe

A regional coordination center will also operate in Bulgaria, managing general support for gas and electricity infrastructure throughout the region, including Italy. It will take effect within two weeks, the deputy prime minister said in response to a question from the media ClubZ.

The two ministers met with EC Vice-President Frans Timmermans and representatives of the cabinets of President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel. The current situation was discussed both in Bulgaria and in the whole European Union after the unilateral suspension of supplies to Bulgaria and Poland by Gazprom.

Our country has asked for the decision to receive liquefied natural gas not only for Bulgaria. The infrastructure for transporting 20 billion cubic meters of gas that we have is being used for Europe and the region. And that is why in Bulgaria a...

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