No more Flights between Bulgaria and North Macedonia in the Near Future

The Bulgarian airline GullivAir has stopped selling tickets for the Sofia-Skopje flight since May 21, the specialized aircraft portal Ex Yu Aviation announced.

According to Macedonian media, the flights are carried out with 7-8 passengers, and there were cases when there were only two or three people on board, less than the crew.

It is not yet clear whether the flights will be canceled permanently, as there is no explanation from the Bulgarian airline, which has stopped selling tickets to Tirana. Skopje and Tirana were Gulliver's only foreign destinations.

The airline maintained the Sofia-Skopje route with an ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft with a capacity of 65 seats. The flights were on Monday and Saturday. Prices - from 128 to 300 BGN for a return trip.

The Skopje-Sofia airline was announced by Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov as the first confidence-building measure between the two countries.

This is the fourth attempt to establish a scheduled airline between the capitals of North Macedonia and Bulgaria, and the previous three were unsuccessful again due to small numbers of passengers.

The first flights between Skopje and Sofia began in the autumn of 1992 with Hemus Air on an 18-passenger plane.

After Bulgaria's accession to the EU, the Sofia-Skopje route was restored in December 2007. This time Bulgaria Air flew three times a week with an ATR-42, with a capacity of 40 passengers, at a cost of 49 euros.

The penultimate attempt to resurrect the line was in 2010.

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