Russian TV Stars are Hiding from the War with Ukraine in Bulgaria

The popular Russian actress and TV presenter from the First Channel of the Russian state television Larisa Guzeeva has fled the country and settled in her property on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, Russian media reported after Russians recognized the actress during her walk in Nessebar. Guzeeva is an honored artist of the Russian Federation, and in recent years she has earned the nickname "Russia's matchmaker" for the program "Let's get married", which is broadcast on the First Channel.

The news that at a time when Russia is conducting a military operation, Guzeeva is hiding in Bulgaria has irritated the Russian public, which reacts sensitively to reports that stars of culture, show business and modern Russian highlife are leaving the country after invading Ukraine. Moscow media and social networks have already denounced as deserters Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolkin, Renata Litvinova and Zemfira, Valery Leontiev and a dozen other celebrities, although it turned out Sobchak and Bogomolkin who had already made it to Turkey are now back in Russia.

While most of the alleged traitors either denied the allegations or ignored them, Guzeeva reacted on social media with a volcano of curses. She wrote, "non-journalists such *** and what? Did they get richer? Or maybe happier? Personally, I send these **** rays with curses. Take them, choke! And to my dear followers - happiness and kidness!", Wrote the actress, quoted by RIA Novosti. Larisa Guzeeva also added that she is indeed abroad but to be treated for a coronavirus she had in September last year. "I worked hard, I had a terrible covid, I'm trying to smooth over the consequences in Bulgaria," added the TV matchmaker, who has 2.1 million...

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