Bulgaria is looking for Places to House 59,000 Ukrainian Refugees

59,085 Ukrainian citizens are currently staying in Bulgaria. By May 31, refugees staying in hotels that will receive tourists must be transferred. A measure is being developed through which people who have found a job will be able to apply for rent assistance.

This became clear from the words of the head of the State Agency for Refugees Mariana Tosheva, who also headed the Operational Coordination Group at the Council of Ministers.

"The identification of new places for accommodation of refugees from Ukraine continues. The departments have been asked to provide their bases to accommodate people fleeing the war", said Mariana Tosheva.

"With this gesture from many hoteliers, people were accommodated, and this business, which suffered a lot during the covid, was somehow supported. The funds that have been spent so far, the estimates will be presented in the structures of the EC for solidarity and it is expected that a large part if not all expenditures from the state will be directed to EU programs. This also applies to other member states", Tosheva said.

"The number of people currently accommodated is 59,085. There is time until May 31 and efforts are being made to find enough places for all people. Some of the Ukrainian citizens themselves are willing to live in rented accommodation or find a home of their own", Tosheva said.

"There will be a measure for people who have found a job to have financial assistance for them to pay rent", added Krassimira Velichkova. "For their children, we will try to solve the problem for children under 7 years of age. We are working to create quick relief conditions, the state to help organizations and companies to build children's centers for raising children,...

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