Bulgarian Doctor: 30-40 year old Men and Women have Strokes after COVID-19

"We have cases of young patients who have had strokes, and the only reason we find this after extensive research is the post-COVID-19 experience." This is what the head of the Clinic of Nervous Diseases at the University Hospital "St. Anna " Assoc. Prof. Rosen Kalpachki said.

"We are talking about men and women aged 30-40 who were healthy, without any risk factors for stroke - no high blood pressure, no changes in lipids, no heart disease, and suddenly have a stroke", said Prof. Kalpachki in an interview for the Ministry of Health's "+ me" campaign on the benefits of vaccines and vaccination against COVID-19.

"After the lungs, the most affected by SARS-CoV-2 is the nervous system, says the neurologist." Post-COVID syndrome is mainly associated with neurological complaints, the so-called "brain fog". "For a long time, these patients feel tired, have difficulty concentrating, have headaches, dizziness, and cannot return to their normal lifestyle. Neurological disorders are to blame for all this. This is another reason to recommend vaccination - to save people from future health complications," advises Assoc. Prof. Kalpachki.

According to him, all of the 6,000 patients with COVID-19 who have passed through the hospital "St. Anna", are consulted neurologically. Assoc. Prof. Kalpachki is adamant that the pandemic has increased the risk of more serious illness and complications in patients with neurological diseases. "The connection here is two-way, but it is more in the direction that COVID-19 disease causes a more severe course of their underlying diseases, rather than that neurological diseases suggest more severe COVID-19. People with neurological diseases get COVID-19...

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