Airlines: Potential come back for Athens airport

Eight new destinations and six new airlines are on the air map of Athens. The city is restarting, after two very difficult seasons, as the pandemic "hit" the city break destinations particularly. Travelers who last summer turned to direct connections to smaller tourist destinations, return to Athens, with the city center already full of visitors.

The airport of Athens, which is the country's largest tourist portal, is bustling, counting for this summer a total of 43 new routes. The signal for the restart was given at Easter, which lunched tourist passenger traffic in April. "Eleftherios Venizelos" saw in the four months of the year traffic reaching 4.47 million passengers, but also many large airlines starting their summer programs very early.

April closed, having covered 84.5% of air traffic in 2019, with 1.68 million passengers. With the impetus given by the Easter holidays, domestic traffic was reduced by only 4.3% compared to 2019, while international passenger traffic was reduced by 20%.

Νew arrivals

Six new airlines are voting in favor of Athens airport, reversing the trend of the last two summers that had led even very large carriers to prefer regional airports as bases. At the same time, the largest Greek airline, Aegean, is once again strengthening its forces in "Eleftherios Venizelos", restoring the flights that had been suspended due to the pandemic from Athens to 15 destinations.

Air Albania, Condor, BA Euroflyer, Flyr, Jet2 and TUSAirways open wings for Athens this summer, while a number of major international players started their summer program earlier than any other season from Bilbao, Birmingham, Florence, Turin, Boston, Kuwait, Leipzig, Nis.

German airline Condor landed in Athens for the first time on April...

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