French actor in Istanbul to monitor yacht’s renovation

World-renowned French actor Gerard Depardieu has visited Istanbul's shipyards center in the district of Tuzla to monitor renovation works of his trawler, which is being converted into a yacht.

Getting briefed by Turkish yacht designers, the 73-year-old actor boasted about Turkish yachting in an interview on May 7.

"Turks have overstepped the bounds of yachting," Depardieu said. "Besides, renovation is cheaper here than in Europe."

When asked what he would do with his newly designed boat, he replied, "I will sail all around the Aegean coasts."

French star bought his trawler named "M/Y Notre Dame D'Afrique" from a friend in France in 2017. After years of searching, Depardieu decided to work with Soyaslan Design company in Tuzla to convert his trawler into his dream yacht.

"I have a way with boats. I love and find peace on the sea," he said. "I bought one and wanted to change it. I visited and talked to all the designers in the Tuzla shipyard. Many had magnificent designs."

Depardieu visited Istanbul last weekend, met his yacht's designer, Turhan Soyaslan, and his crew, and got updated with the latest works on his yacht-to-be.

The French actor, who also has Russian citizenship since 2013, recently said that Istanbul would be one of his new homes to a French magazine, L'Obs.

"I want to spend more time in Istanbul and Dubai rather than France. From now on, I am after a better lifestyle, and I am at peace while sailing," he said.

The sale price of the 24-meter M/Y Notre Dame D'Afrique and its renovation costs have never been announced.

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