Biden calls for Tougher Gun Laws after Shooting in Texas School left 21 Victims

21 are the victims of the shooting at a primary school in the United States, world agencies report. The information is about 19 children and two adults. The incident took place in the town of Uvalde, 160 kilometers from San Antonio in the state of Texas, said US Senator Roland Gutierrez.

Gov. Greg Abbott identified the attacker as an 18-year-old from a nearby high school:

"The shooter is Salvador Ramos, 18, who lives in Uvalde. It is believed that he left his car and entered the school with a gun. It is assumed that he may have had a rifle but this is not yet confirmed. The attacker is dead and is believed to have been shot by police officers who arrived at the scene."

Following the incident, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton suggested that teachers and other school administrative staff have weapons:

"Potentially to arm teachers and other administrators who are trained, because the first officials who respond to the signal usually cannot arrive in time to prevent the shooting. This is not possible unless you have a police officer in every school. That's why I think more needs to be done in the schools themselves."

US President Joe Biden has called for opposition to the arms lobby, as well as for the adoption of strict gun ownership laws.

Biden said there had been more than 900 incidents involving gun use in schools in the past 10 years.

According to him, nowhere else in the world do such mass shootings happen as often as in his own country:

"We have to act and don't tell me we can't limit this carnage. My career as a senator and vice president was spent passing laws restricting gun use. The idea that an 18-year-old kid could go into a gun shop and buy two firearms was wrong. What the...

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