Bulgarian MP: We have No Reason to Lift the Veto on North Macedonia

"The topic of North Macedonia has become an object of political abuse of all kinds. There is a strategic solution for Bulgaria, we must look for possible solutions, not to accumulate political dividends. Our task as a state is not to veto or stop RNM but to complete our goals - the rights of Bulgarians in the Republic of North Macedonia, the common history, the language of hatred. We have no reason to lift the veto on RNM," said Kristian Vigenin, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. He supported the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčKiril Petkov to convene a new National Security Advisory Council on the Republic of North Macedonia and called it necessary.

Kristian Vigenin clarified that we should be less interested in what Brussels and Skopje expect. According to him, both countries have a limited cultural and diplomatic presence. Kristian Vigenin also commented on the state of the coalition and whether the country is moving towards new early elections.

"Quite often it is not the Bulgarian Socialist Party but one of the other coalition partners engages the public with petty questions, it creates the feeling that the coalition is unstable, that it will fall apart at any moment - no, it will not fall apart. We work quite actively. The coalition is complex and difficult but we learned to work together. Probably "There Is Such a People" have remained particularly affected by the situation with the BNB Governor. There is no way one party can do what it wants, there is no way even the largest party can make a decision without the rest of the coalition. Whatever we have agreed upon on important matters, until now - it has happened," said Kristian Vigenin.

He described the prospect of the coalition as positive. Kristian Vigenin stressed that new...

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