PM: If there is an Oil Embargo on Russia, there will be an Exception for Bulgaria

"If there is a decision to ban the import of oil from Russia, there will certainly be an exception for Bulgaria". This was stated by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov before the start of the extraordinary session of the European Council. Bulgaria will request a postponement until December 2024, incl.

"We managed to speak at the highest level at noon. When Gazprom tries to twist Bulgaria's arms, we say 'No' and find an alternative. But when we know that we have no other option and we have to protect the Bulgarian interest, our partners listen to us because they know that we do it not just like some of the other countries that just want to move forward, but because we really do not have any other choice. I am very glad that at the European level we are understood and the Bulgarian government manages to communicate well the important moments for Bulgaria and I hope that Bulgarian companies, Bulgarian carriers and Bulgarian gas stations will not get the stress, which, unfortunately, is a fact in many other countries."- said Petkov. He clarified that it is still not entirely certain whether a sixth package of sanctions against Russia will be reached, as there are countries that are still changing their positions.

Kiril Petkov confirmed that his party "We Continue the Change" has received a "warm invitation" to join the European liberals from the group "Renew Europe", which the party will discuss at an executive council.

Among the members of the group are the leaders of France, the Netherlands and Belgium. From Bulgaria, a member of the family of European liberals is the "Movement for Rights and Freedoms" (DPS).

Petkov said the group of European liberals seems like a logical place for "We Continue to Change" but will set...

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