President Radev: There is No Progress on the Open Issues between Sofia and Skopje

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev commented on current topics in front of journalists in Plovdiv.

"There is no progress on the open issues between Sofia and Skopje, so there are no conditions for my visit to Paris under President Macron, I want to see real results, I appreciate the commitment and efforts of our European partners. As for the conviction of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov that the last resort on the subject of the Republic of North Macedonia is the parliament, I must clarify that the last resort is always the people and there are constitutional mechanisms for their consultation," said Rumen Radev.

He explained that he was closely monitoring the positions of the political parties. He also commented on the upcoming budget update.

"Many countries have already updated their budgets, if there is no certainty we cannot talk about economy, education, culture and science," he added.

According to him, the refugees turned out to be a painful topic. Rumen Radev stressed that the policy of the Bulgarian state must be careful and consistent on the subject.

"In the beginning, the main priority was to integrate them, but now we are scratching that. We have an acute shortage of qualified specialties such as doctors, nurses and engineers, anyone who wants to work, their children to study in our schools, should get such an opportunity but refugees must also follow the instructions of the Bulgarian institutions. If you want support from the Bulgarian state, you must respect its decisions," Rumen Radev added.

According to him, full European integration is a strategic goal for Bulgaria, and the adoption of the euro is enshrined in the Bulgarian membership of the European Union.

"There must be a...

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