Ukrainians have Stirred Up the Rental Market in Bulgaria

Most brokers, who have been active in renting housing to Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war, no longer have free accommodations to offer. At the same time, the demand for rental property remains stable on the part of Ukrainians. However, there is often a mismatch between the budget they have prepared and what they want to rent for it.

An additional difficulty is the search for a home in which to allow pets. With the advent of the summer tourist season, prices in holiday properties have risen significantly and do not fit into the limited budgets of Ukrainian citizens in combination with the short deadlines for which they seek shelter. This is shown by the observations of experts in this segment of the real estate market, influenced by the completion of the government program to accommodate Ukrainian refugees in hotels.

What is the demand?

Demand for rental housing by Ukrainian citizens has remained relatively stable compared to the first months of the war. Most often the occupants of the dwelling are between 4 and 6 people, as they are usually women, children and elderly people from one family. They are looking for a temporary residence option - between 2 and 8 months, depending on their expectations for the end of the war. They are interested in two-bedroom or larger homes, with the option of pets. They have no preferences for the neighborhood, they set aside about BGN 800 as a standard budget. Such a picture is outlined by the brokers of "Address".

One of the most active agencies on the market in the first two months after the start of the war, Bulgarian Properties, commented that there is currently more moderate demand compared to the first weeks of the war, with some reorientation towards slightly...

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