Bulgarian PM on Lavrov: We will not Allow some Foreign Minister just because He Thinks He is Right

"We have clear sanctions for Russian flights. We will not be the ones to illegally let some foreign minister just because he thinks he is right. There is a law, there are rules and our country will follow them. From now on, we will be a partner in the EU from whom no unpleasant surprises can be expected." This was stated by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov after the meeting of the National Association of Municipalities regarding the denied flight of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The Prime Minister also commented on other current topics.

On Bitola

"This is an absolutely unacceptable action on the part of this person who was detained. I received a personal call from Dimitar Kovachevski. He told me that we had to show that we really wanted to get rid of all kinds of provocations and that we stood firm against hate speech. I thanked him for the quick actions", explained Kiril Petkov.

On the budget update

"The budget update is currently solving a basic problem. Although the economy has been growing positively in the last four months, inflation is threatening the people with the lowest incomes. The focus of the update is to cover these people. Our promise is that there will be no one below the poverty line, and we want to keep it. This is our first priority," he said.

Petkov said that "employers know that what has been promised will be fulfilled."

"The additional funds that accumulate in the energy system will be returned to business," the prime minister explained.

On Macron's readiness to organize a Sofia-Skopje meeting

"Europe has begun to understand the issue and wants...

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