Turkish media: “Agathonisi, Farmakonisi, Pserimos, Kinaros and other islands are ours”

The Turkish media continue the provocative propaganda about the Greek islands, which they claim are Turkish.

Erkan Karakous, Vice Admiral, said that Agathonisi, Farmakonisi, Pserimos, Kinaros and some other islands belong to Turkey and there is no doubt about that.

"Agathonisi is ours, Arkoi is ours, Farmakonisi is ours, Pserimos is ours, Levitha is ours, Kinaros is ours, the islets of Liadi are ours, Syrna is ours, the three islands are ours, Astakida is ours. Oinousses belongs to us, the island of Pasha to us, Thymaina to us and the islet of Gavatha to us. These are ours and are determined by the circumstances. There is no doubt who they belong to," he said.

In fact, this is not the only propaganda action of Turkey, as in the last few hours it has published a video aimed at showing Turkish citizens that Greece is provoking them with its stance in the Aegean.

It seems that the Turkish government is changing its course and is no longer just promoting escalation in the Aegean as part of its supposed claims, but is now presenting a rhetoric as "the country threatened by Greece."

Specifically, the video on Greek-Turkish relations entitled "Provocation in the Greek archipelago" presents "the provocation of Greece that disturbed the balance established by the Treaty of Lausanne and that of Paris in the Aegean Sea."

Greece turned the islands into an arsenal

In the video, pro-government journalists and academics talk about how Greece "turned the islands into arsenals and barracks, violating international law." The Aegean islands also include the Dodecanese, which in 1912 were given to Italy on the condition that they be returned to the Ottoman state. In 1923 it was determined by the Treaty of Lausanne that they must be disarmed...

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