Vučić from Ohrid: "I don't intend to justify myself whether someone will join or not"

Vui said that he was convinced that it was the best initiative in the last few decades. He also mentioned that he does not want to deal with the issue who wants to join or not, and that it is a decision he leaves to others.
"The Open Balkans is the best initiative we have had for decades. Unlike others, I do not intend to justify whether someone will join or not, who wants to do that - fine, who won't, fine again. We have significant increases in trade. We will see that during tourism season, we make things easier, so that people won't complain", he said.
"We have a significant increase in trade for the last three months. We will try to make it easier for people during the summer season. People complain to us, they say it's harder, we solve everything now with that container... It will probably be hot summer, there will be fires, we must help each other", explained Vui.

Vui talked to Borrell; received an invitation to the EU-WB Summit

He added that the fair is being prepared for the end of summer and autumn, adding that he presented several new ideas about plans for helping, both during the summer and the winter.
"Exchange of food and energy, it would be good to create a new gas hub for all countries," said Vucic. Speaking about the entry of other countries into the "Open Balkans" initiative, Vui says that everyone is welcome.
"I have no problem talking to anyone from Pristina. Look at the trade exchange in CEFTA (Central European Free Trade Agreement), today the trade exchange is many times bigger than it was at the beginning. That brings benefits for the Balkans," said Vucic. He added that he advocates opening a dialogue between Albania and North Macedonia everywhere.
"Our need for our grapes to be always sour and...

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