Bulgarian Politics: “There Is Such a People” Left the Ruling Coalition

"We no longer have a place in this coalition," announced the showman and leader of the party "There Is Such a People" Slavi Trifonov in a statement broadcast live on Facebook.

"The Ministers of 'We Continue the Change' are leading the country to bankruptcy", he announced.

"The deputies from TIP will support the social measures in the updated budget, but not the rest", Trifonov added.

"I am leaving the government voluntarily. We are not in it for benefits, if that was our goal, we would stay. As of today, I am withdrawing the TISP ministers and ending this coalition and this agony."

"The departure of the TISP ministers today is the occasion, and the reasons - we have no place in this coalition - are because of North Macedonia," he added.

Trifonov pointed out that Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has made commitments to foreign leaders, that Bulgaria will lift the veto for the start of Skopje's talks with the EU, and that the real Foreign Minister is not Teodora Genchovska, but Prime Minister's adviser Vessela Cherneva.

According to him, the planned measures against inflation will only increase it.

"We are ready for a minority government. We will not spend money without supervision," said Prime Minister Kiril Petkov at a press conference of "We Continue the Change." It came minutes after Slavi Trifonov's announcement.

Here is the full text of Slavi Trifonov's statement:

"Today, the ministers of 'There Is Such a People' left a meeting of the Council of Ministers due to the extremely bad budget presented by the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev. This is another occasion that clearly and...

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