War - Day 105: Zakharova warns Balkans; Moment of key city falling approaches? VIDEO

From Kyiv, they say that they lost too many people to cede their territory, so a standstill on the battlefield is not an option.
Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Donbas are not satisfied with the orders of the military leadership.
Sergei Shoigu claims that a large part of Donetsk and as much as 97 percent of the territory of the Luhansk Republic have been liberated, including the cities of Krasni Liman and Svyatogorsk and 15 settlements.
Turkey is trying to reach an agreement on grain exports from Ukraine.

Zakharova reacted

Western countries ignore the fact that shipments of weapons intended for Ukraine will certainly lead to the expansion of the black market of weapons in Western Europe, and some weapons from Ukraine have already been smuggled to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and the so-called Kosovo, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned today.
"They believe that this is a one-way ticket, they believe that they are now getting rid of obsolete weapons that they ship to Ukraine or third countries. However, they forget that shipments of weapons sent to Ukraine will lead to the expansion of the black market in weapons, especially in Western Europe (and in the Balkans)", said Zakharova, as TASS reports.

Scholz dismissed the charges

Today, in talks with representatives of foreign media accredited in Berlin, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz again defended Germany's policy towards Ukraine, rejecting accusations of insufficient German aid in weapons.

Russia: Ukraine is preparing a provocation

Security Service of Ukraine is preparing a provocation with chemical substances in the Ukrainian city of Sumy, and the goal is to accuse Russia, said the head of the National Center for...

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