Croatia's message to Serbia: We will not allow this

"Croatia does not accept that the Serbian prosecutor's office raises indictments against non-Serb citizens living on the territory outside of Serbia," said Andrej Plenkovic last night, as Hina reported.
He expressed an opinion that "Serbia, which was an aggressor on Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, now acts as "prosecutor's office or court" and said that "it will not pass".
Plenkovic said that Croatia wanted to solve this problem, but that he added, the Serbian side ignored these efforts.
"If Serbia does not accept our proposal for cooperation, and then Belgrade serves such documents, it will not pass and we want to say that loud and clear," said Prime Minister of Croatia.
Special Department of War Crimes of the High Court in Belgrade today has confirmed indictment against the four Croatian War Air Officer for the crimes committed in the Military Operation "Storm", agreed at the Meeting of the Military and Political Management of Croatia on Brioni, on July 31, 1995.

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