"Leave Turkey, immediately"

According to the AFP agency, the announcements of those attacks came from Iran.
According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel "dramatically" increased the ability of its most modern fighter planes to attack Iran. That this is indeed the case is also suggested by the fact that Israel recently integrated a new "smart" bomb into its F-35s. It is a weapon weighing one ton that the F-35 can carry in its interior, which does not violate the "stealth" characteristics of the aircraft - which is a very important fact if you intend to enter enemy territory unnoticed, Jutarnji list reports.
Also, that Israel is very actively preparing for a potential operation, suggests the fact that their air force has conducted four major military exercises over the Mediterranean in the last month, during which their planes simulated a strike on long-range targets in Iran.
The exercises simulated bypassing Iranian radars and detection systems, such as those protecting their nuclear facilities.
Iran, on the other hand, openly threatened the citizens of Israel, in retaliation for the murders of prominent members of the Iranian National Guard or scientists who manage the nuclear program, which has happened in recent years and months.

#BREAKING Israel urges nationals to leave Turkey immediately over Iran attack threat pic.twitter.com/RGXSUppsZY

— palantir_jp (@palantir_jp) June 13, 2022

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