MPs from “There Is Such a People” are leaving the Parliamentary Group to Join PM Petkov

Atanas Mihnev from the "We Continue the Change": We are moving towards an absolute majority

"I have just received information that MPs from 'There Is Such a People' will leave our parliamentary group. And they will support Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev. Most likely they were bought with money and positions. We will see who's who". This was written by the leader of TISP Slavi Trifonov in a post on Facebook.

Here is his full position:

"I don't have to be a fortune teller to know that they will tell a lot of lies and fabrications in the style of Kiril and Assen, just to justify their actions and calm their guilty conscience. But betrayal is betrayal and nobody likes traitors, not even those who profit from them.

After all, for me, power may not be a goal in itself, but for others it is obvious. They need to look in the mirror in the morning. That's life. The truth is that I feel ashamed of this whole story, but also relieved. Because it's better to have friends by your side in battle than traitors."

"We are moving in the direction of securing an absolute majority." This was stated in Stara Zagora by the MP from "We Continue the Change" Atanas Mihnev, quoted by BGNES.

He commented that it is not possible to talk about bargaining when there is no price, and explained this with the Commercial Law. "The Commercial Law says that in a commercial transaction, as there is no price for a product, it is null and void. What we bargain are people with the right motivation to change Bulgaria."

In connection with the case with the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, he said that they were facing the mafia. "Not the mafia, which may have paid money...

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