"As for me, World War III has already been declared"

Pope Francis suggested that the Third World War was already underway, as evidenced by the "intertwined elements" at work in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and other conflicts around the world.
"A few years ago, it occurred to me to say that we are experiencing the Third World War, which is being fought in part," the head of the Catholic Church said in an interview with the media on May 19, which was published on Tuesday.
"Today, World War III has been declared for me." Pope Francis noted that, although we are more sensitive to the fighting in Ukraine, wars are also underway in places such as northern Nigeria and Myanmar, "and that no one cares".
"The world is at war. This is something that should make us pondering", he said. "What is happening to humanity that has had three world wars in one century...? You have to think that there have been three world wars in one century, behind all the arms trade."
While acknowledging criticism for his failure to condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin and his previous comments suggesting that NATO expansion on Russia's doorstep may have caused a crisis, the pontiff denied being "pro-Putin". He said such a claim would be "simplified and wrong."
"I am simply against turning a complex situation into a difference between good and bad guys, without taking into account the roots of the problem and interests, which are very complex," he said. "While we are witnessing the ferocity and cruelty of Russian troops, we should not forget the problems and try to solve them", he added.
Asked how Jesuit editors should report on the Eastern European conflict in a way that contributes to a peaceful future, he replied: "We must move away from the usual Little Red Riding Hood thinking. Little Red Riding Hood was...

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