Bulgarian PM Petkov sees a Possibility of a Different Prime Minister from his Party

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov commented on BNT on the hottest topic in the political sphere in Bulgaria - the upcoming vote of no confidence in the government.

"I would not say that we should talk about failure. This is a continuation of a change that began last year and it is very difficult," he said.

"We are trying and I think we will be able to clear the hidden shadowy forces in the ruling coalition. Then, the change will be a very feasible step," said the Prime Minister.

"If the government falls and is given a mandate again, we will start negotiations again, but not with Boyko Borissov, not with Kostadin Kostadinov or Slavi Trifonov, but with all independent parties and deputies," Kiril Petkov added.

The Prime Minister pointed out that there is no problem if not him, but another of his colleagues from "We Continue the Change" becomes Prime Minister of Bulgaria. On the issue of the prematurely dismissed Speaker of the National Assembly Nikola Minchev, Petkov commented:

"Everyone liked Nikola Minchev in parliament. It was voted against him as a person."

The Prime Minister also drew attention to the issue of seeking additional support from deputies for the no-confidence vote and the MPs leaving "There Is Such a People" (TISP).

"Today another MP from TISP said I choose Bulgaria, I choose to be part of this change and I will not press the button with DPS and GERB anymore. I hope for more such cases in the coming days. We are in parliament because of these people on the street and when you feel the support, you know that what you are doing is right. The idea is to fight for ideas, not for someone to try to provoke something. I hope for peaceful...

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