Results of university exams to be announced on July 20

Türkiye has held two-phase university exams over the weekend, with officials saying that the results will be announced on July 20.

Over 3 million students attended the first one on June 18 and some 2 million on June 19.

Local officials across the country took high security measures around the schools where the exams were sat.

Students entered the exams unmasked after two years of coronavirus pandemic.

Those infected with COVID-19 took exams in classes specially arranged for them.

The first exam lasted for 165 minutes, while the second lasted 15 minutes longer at three hours.

The Center for Assessment, Selection and Placement (ÖSYM), the national body responsible for organizing the university entrance exams, informed that the results will be announced on July 20.

According to Halis Aygün, the head of ÖSYM, "2022 is a record-breaking year."

"The number of applicants is some 650,000 more than last year," he added.

There are 209 universities in Türkiye, with 131 of them state universities.

Istanbul sits at the top of the list of 'provinces with most universities' with 66 university complexes.

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