Vucic: I will decide

According to him, he has not yet decided whether he will go to the summit, and before making a decision, he will talk with the leaders of the Open Balkans, as well as with members of the Serbian Government.
"I want to consult with the government, but also with the people from the Open Balkans, so that I can make a decision whether we will go to Brussels and what position we will take," he said.
Speaking about the resumption of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina at the technical level in Brussels tomorrow, he said that he hoped for at least some agreement, but that he was also interested in what would happen on Thursday, June 23 at the Brussels Summit.
When asked by journalists what he expects from tomorrow's dialogue in Brussels, Vui answered that he expects it to be okay, unless, he says, the other side "invents something again". "I hope that we can reach an agreement, because that would be the first agreement on some elementary things, which would be important," Vucic said.
He pointed out that he is very interested in what will happen on Thursday, at the Summit of the EU and the leaders of the Western Balkans, because based on that, he says, he will be able to conclude what the architecture of Europe will be like. Vui mentioned that this will be perhaps the most important and interesting day in the last 10 years at the European level.
"Because after that, we will see what the architecture of Europe is like, to understand what is coming to us and to better understand our place, without underestimating or overestimating either us or them," said Vucic. Asked to comment on media reports about who will be the prime minister, Vui did not want to reveal who will be the prime minister.
"One says that it will be Goran Vesi,...

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