Spike in covid cases and hospitalizations because of Omicron sub-variants 4 and 5

Τhe increase of cases but mainly for the increase in the number of patients hospitalized due to coronavirus has caused great concern, especially in view of the summer period, as there will be even greater relaxation of the measures.

In recent days, there has been a worrying increase in some indicators of the pandemic, such as the increase in hospitalizations by about 40% within a week. It seems that lately the sub-variants 4 and 5 of Omicron are proving to be extremely contagious.

Spike in viral load in sewage water

Presenting recent scientific data, professor of Analytical Chemistry at Athens University Nikos Thomaidis stated that "for the past ten days the increase in Attica's sewage is 45%. He expressed the opinion that actual cases are many times more than reported, and that cases are expected to peak in the first ten days of July", with August showing a second escalation.

Applications for electricity bill subsidies exceed 300K Omicron subtypes 4 and 5 target lungs

The presence of Omicron 4 and Omicron 5 has been confirmed in Greece, and in the last week there was an increase of the specific sub-variations by 145%. Both Omicron 4 (BA.4) and Omicron 5 (BA.5) have been added to the list of monitored strains of the virus.

Forecasts for the next period

Anastasia Kotanidou, professor of Pulmonology and Intensive Care at the Medical School of EKPA and director of the ICU of Evangelismos Hospital, is optimistic that there will not be a large increase in the hard indicators of the pandemic, ie in intubated and deaths.

Ms. Kotanidou stressed that an increase in hospitalizations in the last 7 days has been observed in "Evangelismos" hospital, however it only concerns the simple beds, with the result that the...

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