Bulgaria: The Regular Session of Parliament failed after 3 Unsuccessful Quorum Attempts

The regular sitting of the National Assembly failed after three unsuccessful attempts to establish a quorum in the plenary hall.

The three attempts proved unsuccessful after the deputies from GERB-SDS, DPS, "There Is Such a People" and "Vazrazhdane" did not enter the plenary hall for registration.

At the first registration, the system reported 110 deputies out of a minimum of 121 needed to start a plenary session.

In the second attempt, 113 MPs registered, and in the third registration - the system reported 115 deputies.

The quorum of the parliament became hostage to the draft decision on the adoption of procedural rules for the election of the Speaker of the National Assembly, submitted by GERB-SDS, envisaged as the first item in the draft program.

It is alleged that due to the announced refusal of the largest parliamentary group - "We Continue the Change" to nominate its candidate for the post of Speaker of Parliament, the opposition has taken the political move not to register so that there is no quorum for the meeting.

Thus, the regular meeting failed.

Today there is an extraordinary meeting scheduled for 19:20 p.m. with the only point - voting on a draft decision on a vote of no confidence in the Council of Ministers with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.

DPS leader Mustafa Karadayi commented on the sidelines of parliament that the ruling quorum is in charge. DPS will not register. Asked whether Delyan Peevski would take part in tonight's vote of no confidence in Petkov's cabinet, Mustafa Karadayi said the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) was a liberal party:

"The quorum is the responsibility of the government. Why do you ask this question to the opposition? Neither Kiril Petkov, nor Asen...

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