Coral bridge between the Mediterranean and Marmara Sea to be restored by 2024

The vital underwater coral bridge between the Mediterranean and Marmara Sea is expected to be fully restored by 2024, thanks to DP World Yarımca's Yellow Coral Conservation Project that is being carried out with Istanbul University and the Marine Life Conservation Society (DYKD).

The Yellow coral in the area plays a vital role in the underwater ecosystem, but the coral population has reduced over the years due to damage from human interaction and changes in sea temperature. The heavy mucilage that occurred last year also caused coral deaths as it covered the corals and blocked their ability to breathe and feed.

Last year, DP World Yarımca - one of the largest container terminals in Türkiye - in collaboration with Istanbul University and the DYKD, set about reversing the damage and restoring the coral through close monitoring techniques, cleaning of the mucilage and replanting.

In addition to the conservation and reproduction of corals, eight underwater heat meters were installed at a depth of 30 meters in Ayvalık to monitor the temperature over the course of the year, which could also help provide important data on the effects of global warming in the area.

As people working in ports and seas, we are very aware of the value of aquatic life and are therefore passionate about taking steps to allow the seas to breathe again, said Kris Adams, CEO of DP World Yarımca.

"Corals are the seas' rainforests, and they are essential for habitat development and formation. Through our project we are sowing the future of sea creatures with our bare hands, 30 meters beneath the surface." said Volkan Narcı, chairman of the Board of Directors of the DYKD.

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