Another country afraid of Russia? "We will all be run down"

That would have happened in line with NATO's current plans to defend the country from any Russian attack, the Estonian prime minister said.
Kaja Kallas told reporters on Wednesday that the alliance's existing defense plans for the three Baltic states is such that it will allow them to be overrun before they are released after 180 days, the Financial Times reports.
Noting that more than 100 days have passed since Russia launched a comprehensive invasion of Ukraine, the Prime Minister pointed out: "If you compare the size of Ukraine and the Baltic countries, it would mean the complete destruction of countries and our culture."
"Those of you who have been to Tallinn and know our old city and the centuries of history and culture that are here - all that would have been erased from the map, including our citizens, our nation," she added.
Her comments come ahead of NATO's summit in Madrid next Tuesday, where members of the alliance will discuss plans to defend their eastern wing in the light of the war, including the question of how to better defend the Baltic states.
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are in favor of the current strategy of having thousands of foreign troops in each country, which will act as a 'tripwire force' (a force far smaller than that of a potential adversary) , even if the 'trivial' force itself cannot provide lasting resistance), thus replacing the forces that NATO will try to defend from the first day every part of the territory of those countries, especially after the countries witnessed the events in Ukraine attributed to Russian forces.
Commenting on what she called NATO's plan to "get lost and then liberate", she said that the crimes allegedly committed by Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian city of Bucha took...

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