Dimand: Marianna Latsi and George Elliott (Orasis) are new shareholders

Latsco Hellenic Holdings (the family office of Marianna Latsi) and Orasis (the fund of George Elliott) will invest about 25 million euros in Dimand as cornerstone investors, acquiring a total of 8.92% of the company after the increase of share capital and while the company will now be listed on the Stock Exchange.

According to the Prospectus approved yesterday by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, after the completion of the public offering, the two cornerstone investors, Latsco and Orasis will invest 15 million and 10 million euros, respectively, acquiring a percentage of 5.35 % and 3.57% of the share capital of Dimand. This covers a quarter of the share capital increases.

Based on the main scenario, after the share capital increase and the participation of cornerstone investors, the shareholding structure of Dimand will be as follows: Dimitris Andriopoulos, major shareholder, will hold 55.25% instead of the current 63.75%, Panagiotis Panagiotidis will participate with 6.5% from 7.5%, the percentage of Nikolaos Dimtsas will be 3.25% from 3.75%, the family office of Marianna Latsi will hold 5.35%, Orasis 3 , 57%, 1.74% will be held by company staff and 24.34% will be made available to the investing public.

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As part of its listing on the ATHEX, the company will issue 6,538,100 new shares. Of the aforementioned shares, as announced yesterday, 6,213.00 will be offered through a public offering and 325,000 through a private placement

Dimand shares will be traded on the board starting July 6.

Where the funds to be raised will be directed

Dimand's total net income, after deducting its estimated issue costs, is set at € 93 million. Of these:


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